This is where it all begins....

As Rupert keeps saying…. “This is where it all begins”. He is referring to the sheep year, I am thinking about our blog.

He is right, I am always thinking about lambing as the beginning of the year but of course it all starts now with tupping. Odd word which when I looked up on Wikipedia, is defined as “Copulation in sheep or the sheep mating season”. Our now seven rams have been looking forward to this day for the last 11 months. They work hard for five weeks a year but five weeks is all they get. And poor Pinky failed his MOT this year which meant we had a last minute shopping spree and found Marcus to take his place. A ram MOT, now that is something I never realised existed until we started sheep farming. It makes sense, an annual check that everything is working.

It actually all began for us in 2012 when we bought 150 more sheep to add to our mini flock of three sheep Horny (she had horns), Freida and one without a name. It was quite a big leap to say the least and we dived head first into the rollercoaster that is being sheep farmers, especially as we kept our full time jobs. Luckily we had understanding employers who were sympathetic to our requests of “please can I leave early as our sheep have jumped in the river and are swimming to our neighbour’s field, again” and “Sorry I smell a bit, I had to deliver a lamb on the way in to work”

Rupert now works on the sheep full time and so is on hand to deal with our dramas and to keep him busy we now have 400 ewes. If we have got everything right with tupping then our lambs will be born in March, another new beginning. We have our fingers crossed!